Ride and Repair

Servicing and repairs


Ride and Repair offers a range of servicing options developed to meet your requirements.

All servicing and repair work takes place in a clean, spacious, well organised and secure workshop.
A full range of specialist and high quality tools and parts are used by a very experienced and highly competent professional bike mechanic.
All repairs are performed to the highest possible standard, quickly and at a very competitive rate.
Ride and Repair can source parts for you or fit components you have purchased elsewhere.

  • Free inspection and advice
  • Minor repairs and adjustments
  • Parts replacement and fitting
  • Brake bleeding, pad replacement and servicing
  • Gear and transmission servicing and set-up
  • Di2 and electronic gear diagnostics and updates
  • Wheel building, spoke replacement and trueing
  • Fault finding and problem diagnosis
  • Suspension servicing and set-up
  • Pivot bearing replacements
  • Hub, headset and bottom bracket bearing replacements
  • Routine cleaning and servicing
  • Race and event preparation
  • Custom builds
  • Full restorations

  • PLEASE NOTE: The Ride and Repair workshop operates strictly on an appointment only basis. Please call in advance if you intend to visit the workshop.

    Click here for full repairs price list for all repairs

    Suspension servicing Suspension Servicing

    Ride and repair works closely with a high quality suspension servicing company Slick and Slide.

    A full range of servicing options is available for Fox, Rock Shox, Cane Creek and DVO forks, shocks and dropper seatposts.

    This can be completed at the same time as other servicing or repairs are being undertaken in the Ride and Repair workshop.

    More information here: > slickandslide.co.uk

    Terms and conditions

    • Bike servicing is not available off site. Bikes must be delivered to and collected by the customer.
    • Servicing and repairs prices do not include replacement parts except where otherwise stated.
    • Minimum 10 fee for any minor repairs will be applied.
    • Bikes and parts must be reasonably clean before servicing and/or repairs are undertaken.
    • Excessively dirty bikes or parts will incur an additional charge of up to 20 to cover the time taken to clean them before work can be carried out.
    • Itemised prices are for guidance and are subject to change without notice.

    Basic Service Basic Service - Gear and brake tune up

    Drivetrain, gears and brakes checked and adjusted if necessary.
    Tyre pressures also checked and adjusted.

    Chain, cables and external pivots on mechs and brake arms lubricated.

    Includes visual safety inspection and problem diagnosis.

    Price includes safety inspection, minor adjustments and external lubrication only.
    Does not include any cleaning, degreasing or any other repairs, parts fitting or adjustments.
    Dirty bikes will need to be booked in for a Standard, Advanced or Premium service.

    Standard Service Standard Service - Clean and adjust

    All the features of the basic service plus a full bike clean and degrease of the drivetrain while on the bike.
    Chain and cassette cleaned. Chainset and mechs also thoroughly cleaned and lubricated.
    Chain, cables and external pivots lubricated.
    Headset and bottom bracket checked and adjusted if required.

    Full external visual safety inspection completed.

    Price includes fitting any new drivetrain parts including chain, cassette, chainrings, mechs and gear cables where required.
    Does not include the cost of any new or replacement parts.
    5% discount on any other new parts fitting or other repairs carried out along with the Standard Service.

    Advanced Service Advanced Service

    Chain and cassette removed from bike and thoroughly cleaned and lubricated. Chainset and mechs also thoroughly cleaned and lubricated.
    Gear cable inners and outers replaced and/or hydraulic brakes bled if required. 1

    Brake cables fitted if required. 2
    Inspection and adjustment of the headset and bottom bracket if required. New parts fitted if required.3

    Brake pad fitting included 4, disc calipers centred and wheels trued where required.

    Full external and internal inspection completed with written report on request.

    Price includes fitting any new drivetrain or brake parts including chain, cassette, chainrings, mechs, gear cables, brake pads, rotors and brake cables where required.
    1 - Price includes replacement inner and outer gear cables and brake fluid.
    2 - Price does not include replacement brake cables.
    3 - Price does not include replacement parts.
    4 - Cost of new brake pads and other parts not included in servicing price.
    10% discount on any other new parts fitting or other repairs carried out along with the Advanced Service.

    Premium Service Premium Service

    Everything from all the other services but with a complete disassembly and rebuild.
    Hubs, headset and bottom bracket inspected and disassembled, with bearings replaced as necessary.
    All moving parts thoroughly cleaned, cable inners and outers replaced, brake fluid replaced. 1

    Consider this the equivalent of an annual service, the closest thing to getting your new bike back!

    1 - Price includes all replacement cables, brake fluid, loose ball bearings and any new parts fitting (except pivot bearing replacements and wheel building).
    2 - Cost of new brake pads, cartridge bearings and other parts not included in servicing price.
    20% discount on any other repairs or parts fitting when carried out along with the Premium Service.

    Bike Wash Bike Wash

    Just a simple cleaning service for your bike.
    To protect bearings and moving parts we do not use a jet wash!
    This is a really good clean for dirty bikes.

    NOTE: Bikes brought in for other services which are in a particularly dirty state may require a bike wash prior to any other work.
    If necessary this will be added to the service price.